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Payday 2 stash

A custom mask consists of a color scheme, a patternand a material. Masks in PAYDAY 2 are either randomly given by the 'pick a card ' screen at the end of each heist or are unlocked and granted to the player for free for completing certain achievements, joining the community group, or reaching a new level of infamy. Card masks can only be used once, however granted masks can be re-used by sending the mask back to your inventory you will lose any colors and non-achievement patterns and materials though.

You will not be able to customize it any further once you have finalized it. Even if you leave any of the 3 slots empty, you won't be able to fill it later. Each player is only given a specific amount of mask slots, but masks can be sold or returned to free up a mask slot. There are 6 tabs in the Mask purchase screen default does not appear, but are the first slot in the inventory when selecting the mask tab ; Community, Normal, DLC, Event, Collaboration, and Infamous.

Any masks not possessed will be shown greyed out, with the exception of the Event tab which does not appear if no Event masks are owned or no Event masks can be obtained by achievements, and will not display masks you do not own, except for achievement masks. Items locked by achievements will be greyed out like others without any cross displaying the requirement, even those in the Normal tab. Introduced in Update were masks with night-vision capabilties, putting a green filter over the screen and making it easier to see in dark areas, activated by holding down the firing mode key [V] by default.

Masks unlocked by default. They cannot be sold or unlocked via card drops. When you equip this mask, it changes depending on what character you are. It started like any other night. Only this night, he got a contract to kill another contract killer who was making rounds that day. John knew he had five stops to make and was using the same taxi cab between all of them. The Hoxton Reborn mask is a mask that Hoxton made while in prison.

For him, it's a symbol of everything he experienced in the past years while the PAYDAY gang kept on going without him.

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No one knows how his experiences in prison has changed him, and he won't talk about it when asked. All we can assume is that he has been changed forever, and that he is reborn into Something different. Clover's mask represents what Clover both fears and hates most of all - wearing a mask as your normal face. The surgically-shrunken nose, the botox'd lips and the expression of all-consuming vanity and self-obsession - all are symbols of fear and weakness, twisted into a horrifying parody.

With a background like the one Dragan has, there's no surprise he aspires to greatness in the criminal underworld.

payday 2 stash

His mask represents a lot of his own characteristics, with the clear resemblance to some of the original crew's masks that tells of his ability to infiltrate and blend in while still having some features that tells of his unending ruthlessness. The Croatian checker on the forehead serves as a reminder for both himself and his enemies to be aware that he is not your common western street thug. Is this mask a reflection of a deep-seated psychological problem?

Possibly a dissociative identity disorder? Trauma of a disturbed psyche? Or is it not a reflection at all, but instead something to cause them? Few nations have contributed to humanity as Scotland has. In every field of endeavor - science, arts, cuisine - it is the people of this blessed land that give freely and generously. With this mask, Bonnie is determined to reverse this trend. If playing as a grinder for the St Petersburg Bombers hockey team taught Sokol the value of one thing, it was the importance of a terrifying mask that protects his handsome Russian face.

Japan is a land of tradition. A land of warriors. Jiro's mask reflects this. The mask expresses Jiro's love for a traditional Japan, while the bared snarl represents his unshakable determination.

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Ready to start Stashing?Rare masks are unlocked via card drops. The chance of getting a mask ranges from 9.

payday 2 stash

Without any DLCs, 12 out of the 50 masks you can receive from a payday are infamous with all available DLCs as of 30 Julyit is 12 out of If you have no masks in your inventory, the chance of receiving an infamous mask during a payday thus ranges from 0. When a mask is in your inventory, that mask's likelihood of showing up during a payday is halved. They say that an evil beast has many names. Dillinger himself escaped jail twice and was widely known as one of the meanest motherfuckers in the depression-era United States.

One day, the man and his brother temporarily only had one client. The client got cold feet and wanted out. Rather than simply pulling out and having to pay a fine for breach of contract, the client starved the man and his brother's company to death. The Man and his brother lost everything, and it is said that this mask was the very image of the man's facial expression the day that he went mad. The Anonymous mask is a modified replication of the Guy Fawkes mask with a Fu Manchu-style goatee and distinctive Asian look.

The mask is commonly used to protect the identity of the wearer, deriving the moniker "Anonymous". The mask description also references the hacktivist group of the same name whose primary icon and public representation is the Guy Fawkes mask. The Cthulhu mask is based on H.

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Lovecraft's creature, Cthulhu. First appearing in The Call of CthulhuCthulhu is a fictional giant and malevolent being that has terrifying features including tentacle appendages protruding from its face. Cthulhu hibernates in an underwater city in the South Pacific called R'lyeh. Overkill Software supersedes Grin. You will unlock 1 of the "Bonnie" mask in your inventory, but will have to get the "Bonnie Begins" from a Card Drop.

The "Bonnie" mask can't drop during a payday and they can't be sold. They can both be returned to your mask stash for free, but any pattern, color or material as well as the customization fee to put these together will be lost.

Few nations have contributed to humanity as Scotland has. In every field of endeavor - science, arts, cuisine - it is the people of this blessed land that give freely and generously. With this mask, Bonnie is determined to reverse this trend. Never liked how the original one turned out? This is your chance to change history. You will unlock 1 of the "Bodhi" mask in your inventory, but will have to get the "Bodhi Begins" from a Card Drop.

The "Bodhi" mask can't drop during a payday and they can't be sold.

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Masks have always been used in spiritual traditions that relate to deities, the divine and those chasing the apotheosis of the self. Bodhi's mask reflects the man behind it. Strong, cunning, single-minded and centered. The "Jimmy" mask can't drop during a payday and they can't be sold. Jimmy hasn't really made many masks before he made his signature mask - and it shows.

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His mask design captures his free spirit and his disregard to things as appearance, planning and such. Good is good enough for Jimmy, he doesn't get stuck in ideas and wants to move forward at all times. Jimmys second attempt at making a mask went much better - that's because he got some help from Gage.If a pattern is used on a single mask, then it will be removed from the inventory.

payday 2 stash

A pattern that is not part of a promotional bonus or achievement can only be obtained from card drops. Items without cost will be returned to your stash upon selling or storing the mask they've been used on. The image also appeared on Hoxton's Secret mask. Their specific meaning is disputed. God is my Judge is Daniel's headband from the Karate Kid. Happy Clown is based on Hoxton 's mask design.

One Nation Under God is based on Dallas ' mask design.

payday 2 stash

The name refers to the modification of the American Pledge of Allegiance. Marvellous Blocks is a reference to the character Marv from Sin City. A compass on a map and on a rug in Counterfeit were clues in the puzzle. Ozymandias is a reference to the comic " Watchmen ", which has a character named " Ozymandias ". The name originates from a sonnet written in by Percy Bysshe Shelleybearing the name as title.

The Flag and Three Crowns are respectively references to the national emblem and flag of Sweden, home of Overkill. The Hypnotica depicts the painting "Blaze" by Bridget Riley.

Violent Bite appears to be a Xenomorph jawline with the teeth shape and 4 teeth inbetween the pointed canine teeth on top and bottom jaw, just missing the trademark inner-jaw.

Masks (Payday 2)

The lightly shaded areas below and above the teeth could possibly be saliva which alot is common to be dripping from a xeno jaw before a bite. Yggdrasil is the Tree of life from Norse mythology. You will unlock 1 of this pattern in your inventory upon starting the game after Update This pattern cannot drop during a payday and are free to craft, therefore cannot be sold, they are returned to your stash instead.

Rare patterns are unlocked via card drops. Infamous items have a 0. Overkill later changed it to an infamous item in the second beta update. On console, it drops as both infamous and normal which is likely a bug.

Good ol' Al is the pattern on the mask of superhero Spawnwhose real name is Al Simmons. The Protagonist is a reference to the comic " Watchmen ", where the protagonist Rorschach dons this pattern on his mask. These are rewards from the Infamy skill tree. These patterns cannot drop during a payday and are free to craft, therefore cannot be sold, they are returned to your stash instead.

Pain pattern may be a reference to the Batman villain Bane. You get 1 of these during the Halloween event. Hannibalistic is a reference to the character Hannibal Lecter in the " Hannibal Lecter " media franchise and shows his iconic mask that prevents him from biting others. In addition, it is a pun on the term "cannibalistic", referencing Hannibal Lecter's cannibalistic tendencies. Requires the " Lootbag " DLC. You will unlock 1 of this pattern in your inventory and be able to obtain them via card drops if you pre-ordered the game on PC or bought it on console.It was added to the game on August 1,as part of Beta Update 2.

It involves the crew infiltrating the Tasteful Club and stealing a large stash of money from Dimitri's safe. The crew starts outside Dmitri's nightclub, which is guarded by Russian mobsters under his employ. The crew can either walk in the front entrance, shoot their way in, or sneak in through the side windows; the front entrance is guarded by a bouncer, but he typically lets the crew in after a few moments of sizing them up as long as their concealment is sufficiently low.

Still, players must not get too close to him nor should stay in his sight for long as even with the lowest concealment possible, the bouncer will gradually become more suspicious until he is alerted. The card can be found on one of the defending mobsters or the manager if he is outside of the office and tied or killed. After the doors have been opened, the crew must move in and drill open the safes; if the police have been alerted, the crew must defend themselves from the police assault, which includes snipers from a building across Dimitri's office and SWAT units that rappel from choppers through the skylight of Dimitri's office.

When the safe is open, the crew must move the bags of money, ranging from one to four varies with difficultyto the extraction vehicle. Once all the bags are secure, the crew can escape. There are a few different ways to complete a Speed Run. Sneak into the back, use an ECM Jammer to open the door, and blow up the safe.

The explosion will alert everyone, but by moving quickly after the explosion, you can be across the street waiting for the van before the police arrive. Additional ECMs can delay the alarm and give you more time to work.

Cops bust real-life gang stash house, find weapons, cash and... PayDay masks

With less than a full crew, the loot drop truck helps reduce bag shuffling. Typically takes about four minutes if you find the safe with the cash on the first try, with almost no combat. Some coordination is required. The player with the saw should quickly saw open the doors and blast open the safe, while the player with Stockholm Syndrome can control the civilians with unsuppressed gunfire.

Can be accomplished in about 4 min, and most of the time just as the cops are starting to arrive. This is accomplished with at least people.

You will need a player with Stockholm Syndrome using a high-capacity rifle and preferably capable of using C4, one or two players with fully upgraded ECMs and preferebly capable of lock-picking safes, and either a player with C4 or a saw-user. Assets that would greatly help include: the ammo bag for stockholm syndrome and the loot window pickup to simplify the loot extraction.

First, silently eliminate the bouncer and control the front entrance.Weapons Akimbos Bernetti 9 Castigo. Krinkov Chopper no prices available.

Raven Road Rash no prices available.

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RPK Horsepower no prices available. Akimbo Crosskill Pistonheads no prices available. Akimbo Bernetti 9 Buckhorns no prices available. Chimano Custom Spark Plug no prices available. KSP Nomad no prices available. OVE One Percenter no prices available. Repeater The Fork no prices available. Swedish K Asphalt Eater no prices available. Izhma 12G Brain Bucket no prices available. Chicago Typewriter Rake no prices available.

Compact-5 Torque no prices available. Breaker 12G Apex no prices available. Valkyria Wave Snake no prices available. Micro Uzi Chikara no prices available. Commando Hang Loose no prices available. Interceptor 45 Lip Jibber no prices available. UAR Turtle Roll no prices available. Crosskill Radical no prices available. Mark 10 Shaka no prices available. Eagle Heavy Kapu no prices available.

AK5 Meat Waffle no prices available. Nagant Coo Coo Ca Choo no prices available. Kross Vertex Aerodynamic no prices available. Street Sweeper Riptide no prices available. Akimbo Chimano Custom Tribal Feud no prices available. Reinfeld Big Kahuna no prices available. Chicago Typewriter Night Chill no prices available. Swedish K Rattler no prices available.Last night, 19th Matcha drug task force in West Tennessee raided a suspected gang stash house, uncovering 36 weapons, handcuffs, a bullet proof vest, police equipment, drugs, a large amount of cash, cases of ammunition, and four masks.

In a Facebook postthe task force said two people are in custody awaiting arraignment. Nothing particularly remarkable there. But if you look at the masks, video game fans will see something quite remarkable. It seems our suspects - potentially bank robbers in real life - are fans of co-op bank robbing game PayDay.

Here's the original PayDay masks from the first game:. Hilariously, it seems the masks found in the bust are PayDay's "PayCheck" masks - that is, they're from a PayDay community meme that began after unfortunate cosplayers were snapped wearing bootleg PayDay masks.

The community ended up creating knock-off names for the masks, and they were dubbed the PayCheck Crew, a kind of crap version of the PayDay Crew who plan rubbish heists and fail to execute them.

So, are we looking at the real-life PayCheck Crew here? Given the stash was uncovered by police, perhaps we are. One former Overkill staff member pointed out the find on Twitter, saying: "I've had people tattoo the Overkill bomb on their persons, and that's a weird experience seeing. But this, this is a whole other level of weirdness. One that genuinely forces you to reflect and consider life choices. Of course, the suspects may not be PayDay fans at all.

They may have just grabbed some random masks off a market stall and that was that. But I prefer to believe there's a group of people out there who fancy themselves the PayCheck Crew - or perhaps they think they look like the PayDay Crew and, like the unfortunate cosplayers who sparked the meme in the first place, got it all a bit wrong.

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